12 Tips for a Happy Holiday Season from the Autism Society

Since North Coast Education Services began more than 30 years ago, our mission has been to help others learn.  We firmly believe that all children and adults learn differently — regardless of whether or not they have a learning difference.  We make it our business to discover how the student learns and how to best help them succeed.  With the best possible support, our students see an increase in their self-esteem and find themselves more naturally happy.

Scott Badesch is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Autism Society.  This BBB accredited charity strives to provide education and research about autism and to increase public awareness.  Their website is a treasure trove of ideas, suggestions, and ways to get involved to spread the word.

In his latest monthly email, Badesch included a list of “Twelve Tips for Helping Individuals with Autism Have a Happy Holiday Season”.  The list was so poignant that we decided to share it here on our blog for the benefit of our families, our tutors, and the general community.  We hope you will take a few minutes to read these great suggestions.  Even if autism does not directly affect your family or loved ones, it may affect one of theirs.  By spreading the word, we can help these individuals this holiday season — and throughout the year.  Remember, no two people are the same.  We are all different, we are all unique, and we are all special.

For more resources, check out this NCES blog post: “The Senses and the Holidays — How to Prevent Overstimulation”!


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