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Blog Kick-Off!

Note: This post was written by a guest author.


Welcome to the first ever North Coast Education Services Blog!  Here you will be able to learn more about what NCES does and how it effects you and your community.  Check our blog regularly for tips on such topics as:

*dealing with bullying in 2012

*what report cards are really saying

*getting more from parent-teacher conferences

*family activities to learn from

*how to handle a diagnosed learning difference

*get to know our tutors via the Tutor Spotlight

North Coast Education Services values quality education and recognizes a need for multi-sensory learning tools while using new education techniques.  At the same time, NCES strives to stress the importance of not just a well-rounded education, but a well-rounded lifestyle.  NCES wants to help you find that balance so check back here for book reviews, news on the latest and greatest toys and gadgets, and local events to get out and about!

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