Back to School Tutoring

Back to School Tutoring — What Options Are Available?

Back to school season can cause anxiety for everyone – students, teachers, and parents.  Students worry about homework, teachers fret about standardized tests, and parents hope for good grades.  No matter the problem, back to school tutoring may be the solution.

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Don’t Wait for a Bad Report Card – Start Now

At North Coast Education Services (NCES), we receive calls from families throughout the school year.  Some families call to arrange a tutor to start the year, but most do not.  Too often we receive calls from frustrated parents whose children are failing every subject.

Is it too late to help when a child is failing every class?  No, it’s never too late to help a child succeed.  But it’s certainly easier to help someone before they fall behind.

How Can Back to School Tutoring Help My Child?

Back to School tutoring ensures your child starts the new school year off on the right foot.  Qualified tutors can help your child establish homework routines, leaving you free to focus on other routines, such as bedtime and social media.  We all thrive on structure – adults and children alike.  After a structured day at school, continue with a routine at home to ensure homework success.

Back to School Tutoring

Organizational Success Can Be Yours!

Already dreading your child’s messy backpack and misfiled papers?  Don’t!  With Back to School Tutoring, your child will learn how to get (and stay) organized.  NCES tutors provide a simple, effective organizational plan for all ages.  Imagine – a place for everything and everything in its place.  It’s not a dream…and it can be your reality this year!

Types of Back to School Tutoring

NCES offers several different types of tutoring programs, all of which can be provided in the comfort of your home.  No matter what you choose, your tutoring experience will be tailored to your child’s individual needs.

Private Pay Tutoring

With private pay tutoring, the sky is the limit.  Our qualified tutors will provide customized tutoring to your child based on his/her strengths and weaknesses.  We can focus on a specific subject (such as Algebra), general homework help, organizational support, study skills, and more.  Multi-sensory reading and math tutoring are also, available.

NCES Personalized Tutoring

Autism Scholarship Tutoring

If your child is on the autism spectrum, you could qualify to receive the state of Ohio’s Autism Scholarship.  The annual scholarship would cover any services listed on your child’s individualized education plan, or IEP.  This could include academic tutoring, behavioral support, therapies, or other accommodations.

Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Tutoring

If your child has been diagnosed with a disability (such as dyslexia or ADHD), you may qualify to receive the state of Ohio’s Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship.  This scholarship has different requirements than the Autism Scholarship, but provides the same benefits to the student.

Why Wait to Fall Behind?  Get a Tutor Now.

This year, make a promise to yourself – promise you won’t let your child fall behind in school again.  Save the stress and the heartache and get started with back to school tutoring today.  Call (440) 914-0200 or email to get started.

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