Book of the Month — April 2016 (National Poetry Month)

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And now, it’s time for April’s book!

April is National Poetry Month

Click the picture to purchase this book from Amazon.

Click the picture to purchase this book from Amazon.

Poetry is a “hit” or “miss” for most people.  While many people love reading and writing poetry, others would rather do without.  I, for one, have always loved poetry.  I was an avid writer in school and still plan to publish a compilation of poems someday.  I think part of the reason that people do not appreciate poetry is because they have not found any poems that speak to them.

This month, I chose Poems to Learn by Heart, compiled by Caroline Kennedy.  As the cover suggests, you will not find any Shakespearean sonnets inside.  Rather, you will discover a collection of simple poems about life’s most treasured events — family, friendship, nature, sports, and more.  Kennedy opens each section with a personal reflection on the topic from her and her family.  These short, remarkable poems are easy to memorize so you can share them again and again.

I feel that this book is designed to be shared together as a family.  Each night, sit down together and have every person read one poem, starting from the beginning.  Take a few minutes after reading the poems to discuss them.  What was the family favorite of the night?  Is there one you want to read again?  You may even consider keeping a few blank notebooks and pencils nearby.  After all, one poem can easily spark another.

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