Book of the Month — August 2016 (Art Appreciation Month)

It’s time for our “Book of the Month”!  Are you ready?  I am!

It’s so hard to believe that it’s August already and we’ll be going back to school in just a few short days.  I hope you found time this summer to relax, enjoy the sun, and dive into some new books.  Technology is truly an amazing thing, but there is still something so magical about opening up a brand new book.

Let’s take a look at our August book:

August is Art Appreciation Month


For as long as I can remember, I have been an art lover.  I have always been fascinated with what we are able to create.  The vast array of projects and mediums has led to millions of priceless creations.  And the most exhilarating thing about art is that there are endless possibilities.  Pick up a paint brush and the world is at your feet.

Under the Egg, written by Laura Marx Fitzgerald, is a mystery that takes the reader right into the heart of the art world.  Theodora’s grandfather recently passed away, leaving her alone to take care of her mother and the historic family home with only a few hundred dollars of inheritance.  But then Theo discovers that beneath her grandfather’s painting is an ancient masterpiece.  Her grandfather used to work security for their local art museum.  Could the painting be stolen?  Theo and her friend will have to investigate.

This book was written at a middle school reading level, so it would be great as a family read-aloud story.  Try one chapter per night.  However, be aware that this book does go into detail regarding some historic events — including the Holocaust and the scandalous past of many famous artists.  You may want to consider discussing these topics with your family prior to reading.

Do you have a favorite piece of art, or a famous artist?  Is your famous artist a painter, a sculptor, a musician, or an actor?  Let us know in the comments.


One of the best ways to learn something new is by experiencing it for yourself.

Did you know that the Cleveland Museum of Art is free and open to the public?  Why not take your family to the museum after reading this book?

You can create your own mystery and go search for historical paintings.  Or, send your kids on a photo scavenger hunt and have them explore the museum.  Suggestions could be “find a painting with food”, “a suit of armor”, “a scary painting”, or “your favorite piece of the day”.  Imagine the fun!


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