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Coming This School Year…the New SAT!

For years, high school students have spent countless hours preparing for the SAT and the ACT tests.  These tests are required by colleges and universities as part of determining whether a student will be admitted to their school.  Some schools require one or the other, while a few require both.  These cumulative tests asses a student’s knowledge in many subjects, but focus highly on reading, writing and math.


Preparing for these exams can be an enduring process for some teens.  Some schools offer practice tests as part of their curriculum, but many students work on their own to prepare for the exams.  There are dozens of SAT test prep programs, manuals, and study guides currently available…and now everything has to change.


So, what changes can your student expect to see on the new SAT?  How does it differ from the old version?


Here’s a simple comparison chart to use as a reference:


New SAT vs Old SAT

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