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In 2012, the state of Ohio began the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program (JPSN). This program uses tax dollars to allow students with learning disabilities to receive services from an Ohio Department of Education approved provider.

North Coast Tutoring Services has been a provider to the Jon Peterson Scholarship since its inception. We provide academic services to students according to the needs list on their IEPs. In 2015, NCTS helped get the scholarship increased from $20,000 annually to $27,000.

Families are able to apply for the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship twice a year. The new enrollment period is October 1st – November 15th.


Questions about the Jon Peterson Scholarship? Click here to read our FAQ!


In order to receive this scholarship, your child must meet the following criteria:


– Live in the state of Ohio
– Be between the ages of 5 – 21
– Currently attending school (kindergarten through 12th grade)
– Clinically diagnosed with a disability
– Have a current Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
CANNOT attend a public or charter school while on the scholarship


The current enrollment period ends on Sunday, November 15, 2016. All applications must be submitted through an ODE approved provider before the deadline. This enrollment period is for a half-year scholarship, which will run from January 2017 – June 2017. Beginning in February 2017, families will be able to reapply for a full-year scholarship.

Contact North Coast Tutoring Services at (440) 914-0200 or click here to fill out a contact form. Ellen, our Director of the Jon Peterson Scholarship Program, will be more than happy to speak with you!


For more information on the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship, click here!



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