4 Steps to Preventing Test Taking Anxiety

How does your teen prep for a test or exam?

Some teens study for weeks — making flash cards, pouring over test guides, and taking practice exams.

Many more teens neglect to study.  As the final days approach, they race around looking for resources and caffeine, preparing for late night cram sessions.

Whether your teen studies or not, there is a good chance he or she is still nervous.  And that’s normal.  A little nervous energy is perfectly healthy and can even get you motivated for exams.

But a lot of nervous energy could be a sign of a more serious condition — anxiety.


According to the American Test Anxieties Association, approximately 16-20% of teens experience a high level of anxiety before exams.  Many teens are now diagnosed with test taking anxiety and receive accommodations at school, such as extended test time.

Whether or not your teen has been clinically diagnosed with anxiety, there are still ways that you can help.  With a little knowledge, some good understanding, and a solid plan, your teen can still succeed on tests and exams — even with anxiety.

The links below are from our series on test taking anxiety.  We define the types of test taking anxiety and explore relaxation techniques and study tips to ease the tension.  We hope they will help you and your teen relax and focus on the tasks at hand.


Test Taking Anxiety — A Series

Part One: Identify & Plan
Part Two: Relaxation Techniques
Part Three: Pre-Test Taking Techniques
Part Four: Test Taking Tips


If your teen is still struggling with test taking anxiety, try a coach.  North Coast Education Services has tutors that are experienced in teaching test taking techniques and study skills.  Our tutor will act as a “coach” and help support your teen as they prepare for their exams.  Our program directors will diligently work to find a tutor who will be a strong match for your teen.  Our goal is to establish a strong relationship and rapport between our tutor and your teen. With additional support, your teen will feel confident and ready to succeed.  Tutors and coaches are available for all subjects — including the SAT and the ACT.

Call North Coast Education Services today to speak with one of our program directors.  We’re standing by, ready to talk with you.


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