Get Your Student Organized for the New School Year

Do you consider yourself an organized person? Do you find yourself making to-do lists and stacking papers in piles to keep your desk neat?

What about your student? Is your student checking off assignments, or is their backpack a complete disaster?

It will probably come as no surprise that there is a direct correlation between organization and success. Whether you’re a business professional in the workplace or a student in middle school, it pays to be organized…literally! Organized people have an easier time focusing on tasks and staying productive. They can handle multiple assignments and are generally found to be more reliable and prompt.

A disorganized person is more prone to forgetfulness. They waste time looking for items that have been misplaced and, as a result, may miss out on important information. It is easier for a disorganized person to forget important dates and deadlines, which can lead to a poor reputation. Employers and teachers find it more difficult to rely on a disorganized person.

With a new school year right around the corner, this is the optimum time to ensure your student is well-organized and prepared for the fall! It may seem early, but it’s better to address this early on. If you wait, disorganization can cause significant problems — like lower grades and decreased self-esteem.

Here are some suggestions for how you can encourage organization in your own home:


Get Organized as a Family

Set an example for being organized to encourage your student to follow suit. Sit down as a family to discuss the benefits of being organized and why it is so important. Start out with small tasks, like the family room or the laundry room. Help your student organize their bedroom, but let him/her make the real decisions. Your student will be more likely to follow a system that they helped to create.


Create a Homework Station

Designate a place in your house for homework to be done. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy. (Here are some great examples!) Then, get into a routine. Every day when your student comes home, have him go over to the homework station to empty his backpack. Set aside homework that needs to be done, things he needs to review, and important papers for you to read.


Try Our Organizational System

There are dozens of ways to organize your student’s papers and homework. Some school insist on a binder for each individual class, while others prefer color-coded systems. If these are too confusing for your student, try our organizational system! It’s simple and effective!


Stay Put While Cleaning

ADDitude Magazine suggests that having your student may get distracted at clean up by taking one item into another room. You can eliminate the problem by having your child organize items into piles for each room, then take the entire pile. Read the entire article here.


Communicate the System

The best way to keep an organizational system in place is to keep everyone involved. Remember to check in with your student every night for the first month to establish the routine. Afterward, you can check every other day. Also, set up a meeting with the teacher to explain your plan and to get suggestions. The system you and the teacher establish should be reinforced both at school and at home for maximum success. Don’t be afraid to propose your own ideas.


Hire an Organizational Tutor

North Coast Education Services can provide private, in-home tutoring support for your student. An experienced tutor will come to your home and help your student establish good habits by implementing our organizational system and reviewing homework. This tutoring is more effective when it is completed at least twice a week. For more information on this and other private tutoring, call our office at 440-914-0200 or email us at


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