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My daughter is preparing for the ACT and just does not understand the material.  I have looked into tutors and tutoring companies, but they want me to select my own tutor.  How do I know the person I select will know the exam?  I don’t want just any tutor.  I want someone who is highly qualified – someone who knows the material and someone my daughter and I can both trust.


Searching for a tutor online can cause a great deal of stress.  Thousands and thousands of profiles to read, with each tutor claiming to be “the best”.  The tutor might advertise that they are a natural when it comes to advanced math, but how can you be sure?  For all you know, the tutor might be taking the same class as your child!


North Coast Education Services takes the “guess work” out of finding a tutor.  Our program directors will take the time to learn about your child – likes, dislikes, personality, school struggles, grades, learning difficulties, and more.  We don’t just type your location into a search engine and see who lives close by.  We personally search our database to find a tutor for every student.  We look for similar interests, compatible personalities, and (most of all) experience.


All North Coast Education Services tutors have at least a four-year degree…and many have even higher education.  Most of our tutors are current or retired professional teachers.


When we select a tutor for your student, we ensure that the tutor we select is knowledgeable and prepared.  We do our best to find someone who has experience teaching the subject or someone is currently working in their field of study.  After selecting a tutor, we will contact you to tell you about the tutor.  You will learn the tutor’s qualifications, work experience, and why that tutor was personally chosen for your child.


As a parent, nothing is more important than your child’s safety and well-being.  Selecting a tutor or any private service can be nerve-wrecking on some parents.  Not only do you want someone who knows what they are talking about, but you want someone your family can trust.  You want your family to feel safe.


Every North Coast Education Services tutor has been fingerprinted and background checked.  We personally interview all of our tutors to make sure they will be a good fit for our families and our company.  If we are sending tutors into a client’s home, we want to be absolutely sure that our clients feel comfortable.  That is why we have an adult supervision policy in place – to ensure that our clients (and tutors) feel completely safe at all times.


When you choose North Coast Education Services as your tutoring company, we guarantee that you will be placed with a highly qualified, professional tutor.  When you are looking for the best in private, in-home tutoring, look no further than North Coast Education.


Call us today to learn how we can help your child succeed!  Our program directors are standing by, waiting to talk to you.  Call 440-914-0200, or e-mail studentservices@northcoasted.com.


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