“Just the facts, ma’am.” — Common Tutoring Myths, Pt. 3

There are so many myths and misconceptions out there about tutoring.  If you are searching for a tutor, I feel it is important that you have a better understanding about tutoring and how it works.  Whether you decide to choose North Coast Education Services or another company, you should be well-informed.  You need to know just the facts!

We will be addressing common myths about tutoring and academic support throughout the coming weeks.  We hope you will find the information helpful and beneficial as you continue your search!

Have a question about tutoring?  (It may be a myth.)  Let us know in the comments and we’ll address it in an upcoming post!

Here are today’s three myths:

1. “Tutors are only for kids.”

High school students and adults benefit from tutoring, too!  Whether you are trying to pass a college course, ace your MCATs, or prep for the SAT.  Have you always wanted to learn Spanish?  Or maybe you have a passion for photography and want to improve.  There are tutors out there for any subject you can think of.

2. “Schools look down on students who have a tutor.”

On the contrary, many schools look favorably on tutors.  It shows that the student is committed to learning and wants to succeed.  Some schools will even allow tutors to come in and work with students during school hours.

3.  “Group tutoring is just as effective as one-on-one tutoring.”

Group tutoring may seem like a good choice because it is generally more affordable.  However, it is much more difficult to help individuals in a group setting.  One-on-one tutoring provides the tutor with an opportunity to improve specific areas of weakness in a student.  Group tutoring can help improve general skills, but it’s challenging to provide each student with individual assistance.

Your question may have already been answered!  Here are tutoring myths we have already discussed:

“If we’re looking for a tutor, my child’s teacher must be terrible.”

“The best tutors must be current or retired teachers.”

“Tutoring takes too long.”

“My child doesn’t need a tutor unless she’s failing her class.”

“If my child gets a tutor, he will immediately be labeled.”

“Tutoring is expensive.”


Stay tuned as we reveal the truth behind more common tutoring myths!


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