Know Your Formulas for ACT Math!

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The ACT does not list formulas on its math test.  (The SAT does.) Therefore, you need to make sure you know all basic math formulas before taking the ACT test.

Remember, the ACT covers the following types of math:

Need an easy way to prep?  Try this:

  1. – Print off a copy of Erik the Red’s “ACT Math Facts & Formulas”.
  2. – Glance through the document.  (You’ll probably be surprised with how many formulas you already know!)
  3. – Use a highlighter to mark any formulas you do not fully understand.
  4. – Copy each highlighted formula on to its own index card.
  5. – Every night, review 3 – 5 formulas.  Come up with your own practice problems.
  6. – As you understand formulas, place them in the back of the pile.  If you’re still struggling with a few, keep them up front.  This way, you can review them more frequently.


TEST DAY TIP — When its time to start the math section, use your scratch paper to immediately right down any formulas you may forget.


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