Workshop Training

Reading, Writing and Math Training for Tutors, Teachers, Parents and Others.

North Coast Education Services Workshop Training

North Coast Education Services offers workshop training for tutors, teachers, parents, and individuals who wish to learn the Richards Learning Systems® and Real Life Ma+h.  All program participants will receive manipulatives, materials and teacher’s guides — all of the supplies needed to teach our multi-sensory, systematic reading curriculum.

RLS covers word reading and spelling, comprehension, and writing. Two workshops are offered — a Phonics (word reading and spelling) workshop and a Comprehension & Writing workshop. The Real Life Ma+h Workshop covers computation skills, word problems and math concepts using manipulatives.

Richards Learning Systems® and Real Life Ma+h Workshops are scheduled in the fall each year.  


In recognition of her outstanding educational innovation as author of Richards Learning Systems, Carole Richards and North Coast Education Services were awarded the NorTech Innovation Award in 2001.  Usually this award is presented to companies for innovative mechanical, electrical and electronic devices.  It was most unusual for an author of intellectual properties to be recognized by NorTech.

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