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My son does not understand Geometry.  He’s still trying to learn basic equations and his final exam is coming up soon.  We have started looking into finding him a private tutor, but there are so many options.  I don’t want someone who will just get him to pass the test.  I want someone who can truly help him.  I want to get my money’s worth, but most of all I want him to get the support he needs.


As a hard-working parent, you know the value of a dollar.  Every time you receive a paycheck, you know that a good percentage is immediately going to bills, finances, car payments, and school tuition.  With only so much left to spend, you want to be sure that your dollars are traveling far to get you the best service possible at an affordable price.


When it comes to choosing a tutoring company, there are many options.  Some companies advertise one-on-one attention, but each tutor works with four or more students at the same time.


North Coast Education Services specializes in private, one-on-one tutoring.  We provide individualized services for each student in the comfort of their home.  Each tutor works one-on-one with a single student, not with multiple students simultaneously.  Your student deserves personal, undivided attention and the best way to provide that is to work individually.  While we do teach group classes, our private tutoring is always done one-on-one.


Some tutoring companies tutor by means of standard paper and pencil workbooks.  Information is not tailored to each student and some students are not visual learners.


Our curriculum is personalized to each individual student.  North Coast Education Services has its own award-winning reading curriculum and its own math curriculum.  Both of our programs are multi-sensory, systematic programs – step-by-step instruction that involves all the senses.  Learning with multiple senses provides students with more opportunities to understand the material.  Not only does multi-sensory learning make the material easier to understand, it makes it easier to remember.


There are some tutoring companies that are part of national corporate chains.  With so many clients, it can be easy to become simply a number and not a name.  You lose the personal contact and feel more like a client and less like a person.


North Coast Education Services believes in attention to detail and a personalized approach.  As a small company, we can take the time to get to know all of our clients.  We learn about our students’ personalities so we can place them with appropriate tutors who will understand them and be able to establish rapport.  We evaluate our students’ Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs) and Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) so we can understand how our students learn best.  Our tutors personalize the learning experience to our students’ interests.  When families call our office, they personally speak with one of our staff members, not a recording.  We value all of our clients and treat them with respect and courtesy.


As a parent, you want what is best for your student.  When it comes to private, in-home tutoring, you will get your money’s worth with North Coast Education Services.  Call us today to speak with one of our directors.  We are waiting to serve you.



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