The Education Problem Solvers

Tutoring for children with learning disabilities in Cleveland, Lorain, Akron and more cities.

No matter your problem, North Coast Education Services has the answer!

“My child cannot read.”
“She’s failing her history class.”
“My son has trouble focusing in school.”
“I do not understand how they are teaching her.”
“My student can’t do simple multiplication.”
“He needs a good test score to get into college.”
“I cannot help her…I don’t remember algebra.”
“His teachers just do not understand how to teach him.”

Since 1985, we have been known as “The Education Problem Solvers”.  
Our company specializes in thinking creatively to resolve difficult situations. We tutor students of all ages — including college students and adults.  With over 300 active tutors, we can provide instruction in any subject. If you’re having trouble going back to school, finalizing your thesis, or simply want to learn another language, we can help.

North Coast Education Services provides education and training services to four types of clients:

  • Individuals
  • Schools and School Districts
  • Ohio Agencies
  • Companies

We go to the client.
All individual services are provided at clients’ home or convenient, nearby facilities.  We serve companies, schools and school districts on-site at their locations.

We firmly believe that no two students learn in the exact same way.  
As such, every one of our students is looked at as an individual with a unique learning style.  NCES takes the time to completely customize our teaching approach based on our students’ interests, behaviors, and needs.  By tying in personal interests, students have an easier time relating to unfamiliar or confusing material.

North Coast Education Services specializes in working with individuals with learning differences.  
If they are available, we examine Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Evaluation Team Reports (ETRs) to discover how our students learn best.  Our directors and tutors are even available to attend school meetings. We build on small learning successes to grow self-confidence and self-esteem. We respect each client as an individual and customize our recommendations to fit their needs.

North Coast Education Services is home to an award-winning reading curriculum and math program.  
Adaptable for children and adults, our Richards Learning Systems ® program has made reading a reality for thousands of struggling students.  From first graders to factory workers, every one is capable of learning to read.

We invite you to learn more about North Coast Education Services and how we can help you solve a problem.