Home Instruction for Ohio School Districts

Home Instruction throughout Northeast Ohio, including Parma, Lorain, and Canton.

Successful Instruction In The Home

Home Instruction is designed to meet the academic and educational needs of students in grades K-12 who are unable to attend school due to medical, psychiatric, or behavioral reasons.  Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and the Home Instruction team work collaboratively to help ensure that all students are successful. This is accomplished by implementing a curriculum designed to maximize learning and achievement.

Many school districts struggle with finding enough teachers to provide Home Instruction services.  North Coast Education Services is here to help!  We can provide Home Instruction services to your school district.

Why work with NCES?  We are the preferred choice of many Northeast Ohio school districts.  Qualified tutors and our dedicated staff will ensure that your students receive the best possible support.  We will coordinate the schedule, support the students, and provide the grades.  Working with North Coast Education Services will save your school district time and money.

NCES Home Instruction Program Objectives

  • We tailor teaching to the specific needs of the students
  • We help students maintain their academic progress.
  • We follow and document IEP progress as required.
  • We strive to improve student self-esteem.
  • We allow students to experience educational success.

With Home Instruction, North Coast Education Services offers two distinct programs — Continuing Education and Total Curriculum.

Continuing Education Program

The school district’s teachers provide the coursework for the student.  Tutors instruct and support the student.  1 hour per week, per course.

Total Curriculum

North Coast Education Services provides the course and/or curriculum needed for district-required courses.  Tutors instruct and support the student throughout the course so the student can complete it for credit.  Every half credit requires 20 hours of one-on-one instruction.

NCES Tutors

North Coast Education Services is sensitive to the needs of each individual student.  We hand select tutors for each of our students based on their background and academic needs.  Our goal is to create a student-tutor team that promotes trust, responsibility, and success.  The tutors that we place are professional, responsible, and fully qualified.

Tutor Responsibilities

  • Provide instruction for the students
  • Administer any testing mandated or requested for students (ex. OGT’s)
  • Work with NCES and school district personnel (guidance counselors, teachers, staff) to obtain assignments, books, tests, etc.
  • Participate in IEP team meetings as requested
  • Provide periodic program reports/grades on student’s progress in a manner consistent with reporting practices of the district

Tutor Qualifications

All Home Instruction tutors hold a current state of Ohio teacher’s certificate and a current BCI & FBI clearance. Many of these tutors are also licensed Intervention Specialists.

“Our daughter needed tutoring because of a lengthy illness. Al was just what she needed to get back up to where her class was. He was very flexible with scheduling and more than met her needs.”
— Lisa, Pepper Pike

For more information on home instruction, please contact:

Kimberly Page — Director of Home Instruction

CALL: (440) 914-0200 Email: KimberlyP@northcoasted.com