In-Home Private Tutoring for Ohio Students

Connecting tutors with students in Northern Ohio, including Cleveland, Mentor and Akron.

North Coast Education Services is the leader in providing in-home tutoring services.  It’s affordable, convenient, and saves time for families.

In-home tutoring is just what it sounds like – tutoring right in the comfort of your own home – whether that’s in Lorain, Cleveland, Lakewood or Akron, Ohio.  We can also offer tutoring at nearby public locations, like libraries or coffee shops.  It is important that our students be comfortable in their surroundings for a successful tutoring experience. With a private tutor from North Coast Education Services, you can rest assured that your child receives the proper guidance and education to succeed.

Our tutoring is ONE-ON-ONE, not two or three students of different ages.

This means that during every hour of tutoring, the student has the complete attention of the tutor.  Because our objective is to solve specific problems, we help the student better understand the subject taught in school.  The tutors we place are trained to work with books and materials used in class at school.

We have several exceptional programs for individual students:

Our continuing success with clients is based on our individual and customized approach. Every child and adult student, at home or in our classes, is evaluated by our team to develop the best possible service plan.  This concept is also the basis for company programs, other organizations, and for training and job readiness services we provide to government agency clients.

If you’re looking for only the best private tutor for your child, choose North Coast Education Services today.

“I called North Coast in desperate need of a tutor that could help my daughter get through Honors Chemistry. Within 24 hours of my phone call, I was given a name of a tutor that Nikki at North Coast thought would be a good match for my child. She was certainly right! Her grades have already seen improvement and my daughter looks forward to Deanna coming every week. The customer service I received was phenomenal!”
— Leslie, Beachwood

For more information on In-Home Tutoring, please contact:

Kimberly Page — Director of Home Instruction

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