In-School Programming

Academic tutoring support for Cleveland and nearby school districts, including Akron and Canton.

Academic Support For Schools and Districts

North Coast Education Services not only provides services to individual families.  We also provide customized academic support for local schools and area districts. We can help!  That’s why we’re known as “The Education Problem Solvers”.

Our specialty is helping students of all ages when they get stuck in a subject or a course.  We have skilled tutors for all subjects in all grades.  We can even provide tutors who are certified in our Richards Learning Systems ® and Real Life Ma+h programs.

NCES is known for working with students with learning differences – Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, cognitive delays, dyslexia, PDD, LD, and other struggling learners.

When students fall behind, schools and parents sometimes find themselves in bitter meetings, pointing fingers and blaming one another.  Often we can help resolve these “sticky” situations with our neutral understanding of both sides of the issues.  Our goal is to turn these challenges into academic successes.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Tutoring – all subjects, all grades
  • Special Needs and Learning Disabilities
  • Reading – systematic, multi-sensory
  • Math – systematic, multi-sensory
  • Study Skills
  • Tutoring for Credit
  • Intervention Specialists for Auxiliary Services
  • Extended School Year (ESY) Services
  • IEP Meetings
  • IEP Tutoring
  • Curriculum Modification for IEPs
  • Homeschool Curriculum
  • Mediating Student Challenges
  • Teacher Training & Workshops
  • And more!

Why bring North Coast Education Services into the picture?  Because we can provide answers, solutions, and tutors.  We can help implement your plan!

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“Your [Richards Learning Systems®] approach has been the best thing to hit [my class]. They bought into the approach and my excitement to teach it. No college class has ever taught me how to teach reading, especially to high school kids. I now know.”
— Kathy, High School Special Education Teacher

For more information on creating a program for your school, please contact:

Carole Richards — President & executive Director, Founder

CALL: (440) 914-0200 Email: