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For over 30 years, North Coast Education Services has been providing quality private in-home tutoring to the families of Northeast Ohio.  NCES Vice President John Kusik shares some of the key factors that have led to our success in his latest article.

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Vive Le Difference! with North Coast Education Services

John Kusik, NCES Vice President

Yes, there is a tremendous difference between the tutors at North Coast and others in the field.  Let us mention a few of those differences:

What Sets Us Apart

  • Many of our tutors specialize in learning differences: autism, dyslexia, learning disabilities, etc.
  • We create an education plan just for you, or your child.
  • Students respond positively to learning with our tutors because they are trained to explain concepts using language that students understand.
  • Our multi-sensory reading program uses auditory, visual, tactile (touch) and kinesthetic (muscle movement) senses which help understanding and recalling language components.
  • We have different approaches to learning to accommodate different learning styles. The spotlight lands on Richards Learning Systems® with most children, as they see and feel academic improvement.
  • As students succeed in our reading program, and other programs, they show significant improvement in all skills.

An Award-Winning, Multi-Sensory Reading Program

Richards Learning Systems® is effective for all levels of learners.  Since the complexity of the program can be tailored to the individual learner, students from kindergarten through college benefit from program elements.

Our systematic and organized approach to learning gives students of all ages and skill levels a sense of comfort and understanding.  It is a wonderful feeling to see our clients and students progress at work and in their schools.

Richards Learning Systems

“The Education Problem Solvers” Since 1985

North Coast Education Services was founded in Cleveland almost 35 years ago by Carole Richards.  Carole has been recognized as an education innovator and problem-solver.

All North Coast tutors are trained and encouraged to support clients and build self-confidence and self-esteem.  Our office staff is experienced and makes every effort to help clients with decisions that result in the most positive outcomes for clients.

Creating and Fostering Important Relationships

The excellent reputation North Coast Education Services enjoys with the Ohio Department of Education is based on long-term relationships and solid communications with this important department in Columbus.

How Can North Coast Help You?

Who benefits from North Coast Tutors when they help your student over some bumps in the road?  You do, as a parent.  We will help reduce your anxiety about your student’s schoolwork.  Your student will benefit as he or she starts improving in various courses and as your student’s anxiety reduces.

Take the first step today by contacting our office.  Speak with one of our experienced program directors, who will personalize a tutoring plan to meet the individual needs of your student.  It’s never too late to get your students the help they deserve.

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