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Free Parent-Teacher Conference Checklist

Note: This post was written by a guest author.


Soon enough report cards will be making their way home, with Parent-Teacher Conferences to follow not long after.  Oftentimes, during a conference, questions that were meant to be asked are forgotten, and new information given can be overwhelming.  Or first-time parents are uncertain where to even start with questions.

Below is a checklist of sorts that can be easily copied and pasted into a Microsoft Word document and saved on  your computer for future use.  This will give you a starting point for an informative dialogue.  Added bonus: save the filled out hard copies and monitor your child’s progress not only through the school year, but also over the course of several grade levels.

Parent-Teacher Conference Checklist for Students

Strengths & Areas of Improvement


Child’s Name___________________

Date _______________________

Teacher’s Name__________________


Strength or Needs Improvement – General School Performance

Concentrates well in school ___________________________________

Follows directions                ___________________________________

Is well organized                 ____________________________________

Pays attention to detail        ____________________________________

Completes work regularly   ____________________________________

Understands factual material ___________________________________

Understands complex ideas  ____________________________________

Social Growth

Gets Along well with peers _____________________________________

Skill Areas

Math: Area of Strength.      ______________________________________

Math: Needs extra practice ______________________________________

Language: Area of strength  _____________________________________

Language:  Needs extra practice __________________________________

Additional Comments:  ________________________________________


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