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Each year, many students require additional academic support outside of school.  Some students need extra assistance to keep up in class.  Others need more of a challenge.  Injuries and illnesses require some students to catch up with classwork.  Many simply don’t understand how to do their homework.

For these students and many more, private tutoring is the solution.

When it comes to private tutoring, there are several options available – night school, extra classes, tutoring centers, online education and more.  Some companies don’t truly provide “individual” support, but rather work with multiple students simultaneously.  Other companies only offer classes, but no one-on-one options.  Which option is best for your student?

For thirty years, North Coast Education Services has been the ideal solution for hundreds of happy families.

CONVENIENT –Tutors are available seven days a week – mornings, evenings, weekends…and right after school.  Serving seven Northeast Ohio counties, North Coast comes right to you.  Our tutors can meet directly in your home or at a nearby public location, such as a library.   Create the schedule that best suits you!

PROFESSIONAL – The tutors we place are all degreed professionals.  We background check and personally interview every tutor we use.  Many tutors are current or retired teachers.  We also offer training opportunities in our reading and math curriculums.

EXPERIENCED – Since 1985, we have tutored students of all ages in all subjects and grades – from kindergarteners learning the alphabet, to high school students studying for exams, even adults studying for their MBA.  We specialize in working with students who have learning differences.  Our multi-sensory reading and math curriculums have changed many lives for the better.

PERSONALIZED – We work one-on-one with all of our students, customizing the tutoring to meet the student’s needs.  We take the time to learn about our students so we can tailor the learning to their interests and personality.  Above all, we want learning to be enjoyable and fun!

AFFORDABLE – Our clients are only charged for the hours they actually spend with the tutor.  There is no minimum number of hours or minimum number of sessions.  Your security deposit is completely refundable upon completion* and you can cancel at any time.


When your student needs private tutoring, they deserve the best – quality, one-on-one support.  The “Education Problem Solvers” at North Coast Education Services are here to help.


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