The Power of Visual Communication

I recently read an article about how our society is turning into one of visual learners.  Well, to be fair, I read an infographic…and it proved it’s point!  Several days later, I have retained the information because it was presented in a way that was easy for me to understand.

Here is a small piece of that infographic on visual communication:

Visual Communication hubspot

It’s really not such an outlandish statement.  When I think about school, I have a hard time remembering the periodic table and the events that led up to World War I.  But I do remember long division because I was shown how to do it with beads.  I remember the translation of many Shakespearean texts because we acted them out in class.

Remember this old saying?

Franklin learning quote

It’s as true today as it was back when Franklin was alive 300 years ago.  A similar Chinese proverb may be even older than this quote.  Clearly, this is not a new concept.


(What type of learner are you — visual, auditory, or kinesthetic?  Click here to find out!)


Here at North Coast Education Services, we understand the importance of visual communication.  As the infographic illustrates, 80% of people remember what they see and do. That is why we believe in and offer a multi-sensory curriculum.

We teach our students by making the learning hands-on and interactive.  Rather than just repeating letters on a flashcard, our students utilize sand trays and glued letters.  Instead of expecting a student to memorize 2 X 6 = 12, we show them with manipulatives.  We involve our students…and they learn.

Contact our office today to see how our team can help your student succeed.  Tutors are available seven days a week for in-home tutoring through Northeast Ohio.  Whether you live in Westlake or Willoughby, we have a tutor ready for you!

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