Read Across America Day 2016 — Host an Edible Book Festival

Did you know that March 2nd is Read Across America Day?

This national holiday celebrates the importance of reading for children and teens.  It is a year-round program, developed by the National Education Association, celebrated on the birthday of one of the world’s greatest authors — Dr. Seuss.

Traditionally, elementary schools spend the day engaged in “Seuss” themed activities.  Libraries create a display of Seuss books, students are encouraged to dress like book characters, and some cafeterias even serve up a special helping of green eggs and ham.

For Read Across America Day 2015, the theme was “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”.  We posted some creative ways to incorporate the theme into everyday subjects and lessons.  (Click here to read the article!)

As we started compiling resources for Read Across America Day 2016, we wanted to think outside the “fox in socks” box.  While this national holiday is geared toward schools, it doesn’t have to stop there. Inspired by the creativity of Dr. Seuss, this year we are going to share some unique ways that you can celebrate Read Across America Day — whether or not you’re still in school!


Heidelberg University's 2011 Edible Book Fest

Heidelberg University’s 2011 Edible Book Fest


Tip #2.  Host an Edible Book Fest.

When I was attending Heidelberg College (now Heidelberg University), one of the highlights of my year was our library’s annual Edible Book Fest.  Professors, students, staff, and members of the community would create edible treats inspired by their favorite books.  The entries were put on display in Beeghly Library where the campus would come vote for their favorite displays.

An Edible Book Fest is a unique and fun way to inspire reading creativity!  Suggest this idea to your local library or community center.  All entries must be submitted with a copy of the book.  Designate different categories — best in show, most creative, best appetizer, best dessert, etc.  You could even make this a fundraiser by charging admission and donating it to a local charity.  (See if you can get someone to donate a prize for the winners!)

When it comes to your entry, the sky is the limit!  The picture above depicted pool balls made out of cheese with crackers on the side.  Another favorite was a contestant who submitted a Star Wars novel with a bowl of Boba “Fett”ucine .  Get creative!


Keep checking back for more fun ideas for Read Across America Day 2016!



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