Academic Fun & Fitness Camp 2017

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Looking for a rewarding summer experience for your child?  Consider the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp – an Ohio special needs summer camp offering reading, math, social skills development, and more!

Academic Fun & Fitness Camp 2017

Multi-Sensory Academics

Mornings at the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp are dedicated to multi-sensory academics.  Our dedicated camp directors read through testing reports for every camper and place them in small groups of 5 with a trained counselor.  Campers are grouped together based on age, academic abilities, and common IEP goals.

Richards Learning Systems® (RLS)

Richards Learning Systems® is a multi-sensory, systematic approach to reading.  This award-winning curriculum was created by NCES executive director Carole Richards.  Components include word attack skills, phonics, reading comprehension – fiction and nonfiction, and writing skills.

Real Life Ma+h

Real Life Ma+h is a hands-on math curriculum suitable to learners of all ages and abilities.  Manipulatives and other multi-sensory activities bring the learning to life.  Topics include place value, basic functions, money, telling time, word problems, and more.

Social Skills Development

The afternoon of this Ohio special needs summer camp is dedicated to developing social skills.  Campers are divided into three large groups – the Cavs, the Browns, and the Indians.  The larger group dynamic creates more opportunities to interact and improve social skills.

Several different social skills activities are offered each summer:

Academic Fun & Fitness Camp -- Theatre Arts Program

Theatre Arts Program

Kulture Kids comes on site to offer a two week theatre arts program.  The staff creates a play for each group and helps the campers create basic sets and costumes.  The plays are taped on the tenth day and all of the campers receive a copy.

Non-Competitive Sports and Martial Arts

Our sports director leads our campers in a variety of non-competitive sports, including baseball, basketball, kickball and tennis.  Additionally, Family Karate comes on site once a week to teach martial arts.

“Be Safe” Program for Teens

In 2017, the Academic Fun & Fitness Camp will once again offer a teen program called “Be Safe”.  This interactive activity instructs campers how to properly interact and approach the police.  A local police officer joined the pilot program in 2015 and visited the class throughout the summer.  Campers were able to ask him questions about his gear, his car, and his dog.  It was one of the highlights of the summer.

Meet us at the Connecting for Kids Meet and Greet!

This Wednesday, April 12th, members of our camp staff will be at the Connecting for Kids Meet and Greet.  This free event is for families of children who are struggling, with or without a diagnosis.  Come meet Executive Camp Director Carole Richards, author of Richards Learning Systems®.  Speak with our team regarding our activities and the application process.  Click here for more information about the event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Connecting for Kids Meet and Greet

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