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We hope you have been enjoying our Remarkable Reading Recommendations for Summer 2015!  It’s hard to believe that we’re almost done.  Just two more lists to go!

Here is our next installment.  All of our posts have highlighted different books featured on the Scholastic 2015 Summer Reading Booklist.  Each of our posts has focused on a different theme and has included a book for non-readers all the way through young adults.

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Selection #5 – Just Released

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “One’s mind, once outstretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions.”  This is indeed true.  It is important that we keep expanding our mind with new ideas.  After all, how will learn anything new if we do not continue to learn and explore?  These “just released” books are sure to become favorite in your family library!

Ages 0 – 2

J Goodnight

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by Sherri Duskey Rinker & Tom Lichtenheld

It’s no surprise that this book is the number one bestseller in the New York Times.  In the spirit of Goodnight Moon comes this adorable new book for the truck lover in your family.  Little ones will eagerly climb into bed as you read them this bedtime story feature bulldozers, dump trucks, cranes and more.  We selected this book for its charming nature, adorable illustrations, and cute rhymes.  A new sound book version is now available, as well as a railroad loving sequel: Steam Train, Dream Train. — $9.48 (hard cover)

Ages 3 – 5

J Grandfather's Coat

My Grandfather’s Coat by Jim Aylesworth & Barbara McClintock

This historic book tells the story of a young man who came to live in America.  Upon meeting the girl of his dreams, he made himself a coat to wear.  As the years went by, the young man continued to wear his coat.  And as the years went by, the coat began to rip and tear and fray.  Yet, for four generations, the coat was part of that young man’s family.  We chose this story for its historical significance and the tale it tells about tradition. — $13.95 (hard cover)

Ages 6 – 7


J Ranger In Time

Ranger in Time #1: Rescue on the Oregon Trail by Ellen Levine & Kadir Nelson

Ranger to the rescue!  Ranger is a golden retriever who was trained to be a search-and-rescue dog.  However, he has been unable to pass the test.  When Ranger stumbles upon a magical first aid kit, he is whisked away to 1850 and goes to the aid of a young boy on the Oregon Trail.  The “Ranger” series takes us back to the time of Lassie and other great dogs.  We love this series about man’s best friend and his historic adventures. — $5.99 (paperback)

Ages 8 – 10


J Loot

Loot, by Jude Watson

Crime, mystery, and adventure.  Jude Watson is no stranger to young fiction and she delivers in this new stand-alone story.  The son of an infamous cat burglar goes on a journey to find his long lost twin sister.  When the two are sent to an orphanage that feels more like a prison, they revert to their father’s old ways to attempt a daring escape and a dangerous heist.  We chose this book for its sense of adventure and the message of staying true to yourself and your family – no matter what the circumstances. — $6.29 (paperback)

Ages 11 – 13

J Echo

Echo, by Pam Munoz Ryan

Ryan is the only author to appear twice on our booklists.  She weaves a tale of magic, music, and mystery that is sure to be a treat for readers of all ages.  Many years ago, a young boy gets lost in the woods and stumbles upon a mysterious harmonica.  Little does he know the story behind it.  Decades later, three other children find the exact same harmonica.  But how will it help with the challenges each of their families is facing?  We chose this story for Ryan’s beautiful writing, which paints such a vivid picture for the reader. — $14.02 (hard cover)

Young Adult

J Popular

Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek, by Maya Van Wagenen

Here is a book written for teens by a teen – who became a New York Times bestselling author after writing this memoir.  In this story, Maya recalls how she was never a popular student.  Before beginning the eighth grade, she decided to try an experiment – living the entire year according to a vintage 1950’s guide to popularity.  The results shocked everyone, including Maya!  We chose this book as a window to a world that is still torn by poor body image, low self-esteem, and bullying.  Maya’s daring social experiment will no doubt be an inspiration to any teen who is struggling with finding their true self.  (Bonus – if you’re looking for a companion novel, the popularity guide that inspired this book was reprinted for a whole new generation in 2014!) — $14.90 (hard cover)

What books would YOU recommend?  Tell us in the comments section and we might feature your book on a future list!

If you decide to purchase these (or any other) books online, please consider supporting the Creative Education Institute and ordering them through Amazon Prime.  For every purchase you make through Prime, Amazon will make a donation to the non-profile organization, which will go to provide academic services to students in need.


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