NCES -- RLS Student Davyon

Richards Learning Systems — Student Spotlight, Davyon

North Coast Education Services has tutored thousands of children and adults in its 30 year tenure.  Our students and their success are our pride and joy.  It warms our hearts to hear stories of their achievements.  Through the years, we have heard some incredible stories, especially from students of our Richards Learning Systems (RLS) program.

This student success story spotlights a RLS kindergarten student who loved to learn:

A Davyon Success Story

NCES -- RLS Student Davyon

When Davyon, a five-year-old kindergartner, began the Richards Learning Systems® (RLS) program, he could identify just 5 lower case sounds and could not identify any of the words on his “word reading” test.  He stated in his tutor interview that, “school is annoying and teachers are mean.”

It is very common for children to exhibit avoidance behaviors when learning is difficult.

When Davyon first began using RLS, he frequently demonstrated a heightened frustration not just because the material was intellectually challenging, but also because it was different from the material he was familiar with in school.

In just 3 weeks, Davyon completed concept #1, learning ten consonant sounds and short vowel “A”.  His tutor Samantha said, “He enjoys working in his readiness workbook and is confident in his ability to put together sounds to make words.  He frequently thanks me when he gets correct answers.  We also take turns being the teacher, he is so proud that he can show me how to do it!”

NCES -- Tutor, Samantha

“Davyon is now learning short ‘I’ sound this week,” added Samantha, “and I am looking forward to watching him progress.” With a number of consonant sounds and the short vowels “A” and “I,” he can now read and write words like cat, mat, am, has, pin and pig.

Remember, Davyon was only in kindergarten.  He was already beginning to read and write.  And, he is a much happier and confident child today.

Richards Learning Systems Works!

Richards Learning Systems is a multi-sensory, systematic approach to reading.  This award-winning program includes components for phonics, reading comprehension – fiction and nonfiction, and writing.  For more information about RLS, call us at (440) 914-0200 or contact us today.

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