Struggling with Organization? Get a Tutor!

“Robert didn’t turn in his homework.”
“Anika lost her assignment notebook.”
“But mom, my book is in my locker.”

Sound familiar?

Everyone is a little disorganized from time to time. But constant disorganization can cause stress, anxiety, and low levels of self-esteem.

Looking for a way to solve the problem?

Hire a tutor!


North Coast Education Services will team up your child with a qualified, professional tutor, who will help get your child organized. We tailor all of our tutoring to meet the needs of our students and this is no exception. Our homework help support can help get your child on the right track!


Q: What tools will you used to help my child get organized?

Our executive director, Carole Richards, devised a simple and effective organization plan. We will email you the details of our plan before the first session so you can gather the necessary supplies — two binders and some pocket folders. The tutor will spend part of the first session explaining the plan to you and your student. During the week, the organization plan will be your collective responsibility. The plan is user-friendly and adaptable for students of all ages.


Q: What does a typical homework help session look like?

The tutor will spend time reviewing the organization system with your student. The goal is for papers to be in the right place, with a clear understanding of each folder. After determining the homework that needs to be done, the tutor will then ensure your student understands the homework.

A tutor may not sit and do all your student’s homework with them. But, the tutor may do a few practice problems to ensure your student understands the assignment. If your student is struggling with the concepts, more time will be used.

If your student has long-term projects, the tutor can help break up the assignment into logical, smaller segments. Breaking down large assignments into smaller ones makes the task less daunting. The tutor will be able to review progress and see what else needs to be done.


Q: How often should homework help tutoring take place?

We recommend at least twice a week. As with any habit, the easiest way to establish a new routine is with regular practice. The tutor can assist your student twice a week and you can get your student started the other two days.


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Q: Can I have a tutor more than twice a week?

Of course. That can be discussed with a North Coast Education Services program manager.


Q: My child has ADHD and has always struggled with organization.

That doesn’t mean your child cannot learn how to become organized! With the help of a qualified tutor, your child can learn to improve their executive functioning skills. Some kids have a hard time listening to their parents when it comes to their education. A helpful tutor or “coach” can be highly beneficial! We will ensure the tutor we assign to your child is familiar with ADHD and how to best help your child succeed.


Q: When is the best time for homework help tutoring?

The best time is after school. Some families prefer to tutor immediately when their child gets home and others wait until after dinner. However, we have tutors available 7 days a week. We can find an available tutor no matter what your family’s schedule looks like. Softball practice, karate, ballet, no problem! Plus, we offer in-home tutoring, so the tutor will come right to you!


Q: How can I get more information?

For more information on organizational skills, homework help and other tutoring options, please contact us at (440) 914-0200, or email us at Our program directors are standing by, ready to help you!


North Coast Education Services provides private, in-home tutoring for students of all ages, in all grades and subjects. We specialize in working with individuals with learning differences and we are an authorized provider to the Autism Scholarship Program and the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program.

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