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Here is the third part of our series on summer motivation. Did you know that students could lose up to two months of math knowledge over the summer, according to the National Summer Learning Association? Other subjects are also affected. The result is students who are behind in learning, which means teachers must spend precious time trying to re-teach material.

We have already presented summer reading, writing, and math activities – all simple ways to help prevent your student from falling behind during vacation. In this last part of the series, we will present some science experiments that you can do right at home!


1. Take a LEGO challenge and build a supportive bridge!

Challenge your student to build a bridge using LEGO bricks. The catch? The bridge must be strong enough to support a cup holding 100 pennies. Once your student masters the first challenge, come up with more. The possibilities are endless! (Source)

Ice Cream

2. Make some homemade ice cream!

Make some homemade ice cream! Who doesn’t have a sweet tooth over the summer? Work together with your students to create delicious homemade ice cream. Experiment with different flavors with items in your kitchen. It’s a sweet experiment that even your high school student will enjoy! (Source)

Lava Lamp

3. Create your own lava lamp!

Here’s a two-for-one: teach science and history by making your own lava lamp! This simple experiment is fun for younger learners and it gives you a chance to reminisce about the glory days. Remember how fun these were? (Source)

Solar Oven

4. Make your own solar oven!

Have you ever had a solar s’more? This experiment is great for a middle school or high school student. With a pizza box and some aluminum foil, you can make a homemade oven. Not a s’mores person? Make mini pizzas or nachos and melt some cheese. Talk about a tasty project! (Source)


5. Create your own sidewalk chalk!

This science experiment turns into a craft project that your kids will want to do again and again. Using this chalk will be so much more fun since they helped make it. There are a few ingredients to buy, but some things can be found right at home. (Source)

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