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Thank you for downloading our workbook, Creating an Effective IEP for Your Child.
Each state has different rules that determine a student’s eligibility for an IEP. However, the IQ (ability) is compared to the students’ achievement in making the determination.

The following areas of achievement are tested:

  • Math Calculations
  • Applied Problems (concepts)
  • Word Reading and/or Pseudo Decoding
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Communication Listening Comprehension (Receptive Language) and Oral Expression (Receptive Language)
  • Written Expression
  • Spelling

In addition, you may request testing of gross and fine motor skills, behavior, adaptive behavior (life skills) and some other areas.

IMPORTANT: Make sure when you sign the Evaluation Planning Form for your child’s testing that you request “Further Testing Needed“, not “Data Available”.

The IEP is developed based on the Education Testing Report (all IQ, achievement and other completed tests), which is completed and/or compiled by the school psychologist.

Recommended reading:
How to Break the ETR Code: Understand IQ and Achievement Tests and Create and Effective IEP. This workbook and reference guide for parents and educators is available in our NCES bookstore.

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