“The Key to Autism” by Dr. Cara Daily

“I have personally known Dr. Cara Daily, PhD for many years.  She is very attuned to the needs of children and adolescents on the Autism Spectrum.  I’ve read her new book and it could be very helpful to your staff in gaining insight into this growing population in our schools.  Dr. Daily’s book, The Key to Autism, is well written and easy to understand.”

Carole Richards
President, North Coast Education Services


The Key to Autism is an invaluable and comprehensive resource for any professional assessing and treating autism in children and adolescents. Filled with dozens of case examples, exercises to understand how the brain with autism works, the latest tools for screening and assessment, and “how-to” sections for applied behavior analysis (ABA), this workbook is the key to understanding the minds of children and adolescents with autism.

-Over 25 downloadable worksheets and activities you can use immediately!
-The latest autism research and proven assessment methods
-Evidence-based practical strategies for
-Social communication
-Solving challenging behaviors
-Improving organization
-Creating a positive environment


About the Author:

Cara Marker Daily, PhD, is a licensed pediatric psychologist with over 20 years of experience providing assessment and treatment for children with autism in the home, school, hospital, and community settings. Dr. Daily is the president and training director of Daily Behavioral Health, a leading behavioral health provider in northeast Ohio specializing in assessment, consultation, and treatment of autism, anxiety and disruptive behavior disorders. She is also the founder and executive director of the Building Behaviors Autism Center, a nonprofit organization that provides free and reduced cost applied behavioral analysis services to families of children with autism spectrum disorders.

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