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When it comes to our tutors, Deanna is one of a kind.  She is one of our busiest tutors, but always manages to give each of her students the time they deserve.

Deanna was raised in Concord and still calls it home sweet home.  She is one of four children and takes care of her dog, whose name is Ruby.  Growing up, Deanna’s favorite subjects in school were the sciences – any kind!  She ended up attending Ashland University and graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Chemistry Education.  Deanna currently works at West Geauga High School, where she can share her knowledge of science with her students.

In 2009, Deanna started to tutor her classmates.  She continued to do so throughout high school and college.  In September 2014, Deanna became a North Coast Tutor!

It probably comes as no surprise that Deanna tutors our students in chemistry, as well as physics.  She also tutors in all levels of math, from basic elementary functions through pre-calculus.  “I really like helping students learn and understand what they weren’t able to get the first time,” said Deanna.

One of the qualities that Deanna brings to her tutoring is her warm personality and great sense of humor.  “It’s really fun when we get to laugh or joke and still learn the material.”  Our families are always generous with compliments about Deanna.  Parents report that she has great rapport with their students.  One parent commented on Deanna’s easy-going personality and how accommodating and helpful she has been with the curriculum.  Another parent commented on her patience – “I am very impressed.”

For Deanna, the students are a key part of the tutoring experience.  “I really like traveling to meet up with different students,” she said, “and bonding with each of them in different ways.”  Clearly, Deanna has made quite an impact on many of her students…and continues to do so.  We are very grateful to have Deanna as part of our North Coast team!




We are looking for more tutors in Northeast Ohio to join our team!  If you are interested in becoming a North Coast Tutor, please visit See Current Tutoring Opportunities.

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