Tutor Spotlight — Linda


“Don’t just teach because it’s all you can do.
Teach because it’s your calling.
And once you realize that,
you have a responsibility to the young people.”
— Maya Angelou


Born in Philadelphia, Linda moved to Ohio to study education at Case Western Reserve University.  While she was a student, two miraculous things happened – she met her future husband and she had an outstanding student teaching experience.

Linda completed her senior student teaching at Prospect School in East Cleveland.  She had such a great experience that she applied to work for the school after graduation and spent the next 35 years at Propsect.  “I loved the students and my colleagues!”  She even completed her Masters in Elementary Education.

Prospect School was where Linda was introduced to North Coast Education Services.  “I had North Coast tutors in my classroom when I was teaching.  I was so impressed with their professionalism and expertise.  I thought this was something I’d like to do when I retired.”  Years later, Linda kept that personal promise and became a North Coast tutor in 2007.  She is still tutoring our elementary students in reading and math.

Linda currently lives on the east side of Cleveland with her husband Fred, who is a musician and a retired school administrator.  They have two children out of state and three grandchildren.  In her spare time, Linda enjoys gardening, writing poetry, and would someday like to write a children’s book.  She teaches Sunday School for her church and helps with communications for the CWRU African-American Alumni Association.

Another one of Linda’s passions is traveling.  When she was in Ghana, Linda had the opportunity to visit some local schools and remembers the well-behaved students.  She also has fond memories of the beautiful scenery in Rio.

Still, it is safe to say that one of Linda’s biggest passions is teaching.  “I love seeing students exceed their own expectations.”  She fondly remembers some of her own students’ success stories – including a struggling math student who scored “advanced” on the OAA.  Linda recalls “a boy who refused to do creative writing and now writes insightful essays and poetry, even when they aren’t assigned”.

North Coast Education Services is so grateful to Linda for all of her hard work, as well as her dedication to her students.  She is truly a treasure.


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