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Which Test Is Best For Me — the SAT or the ACT?

A question that has stood the test of time:

“Should I take the SAT or the ACT?”

I remember asking my parents that same question when I was in high school. We were not sure which test would be better for me, so I took both and ended up with a higher score on the ACT.  I made it into my first choice college and graduated on time with a double major.

Many juniors (and a few seniors) ponder that same question every year.

Now, to make the question even more difficult, a new version of the SAT is coming in March 2016.  This redesigned test will focus more on real world problems, analysis, and critical thinking.

So the Class of 2017 now has to answer a different question:

“Should I take the old SAT, the new SAT, or the ACT?”

To relieve the stress off of students, standardized testing expert Gary Gruber has developed a 30-question test to help students decide which test is right for the them.

The test combines questions from the old SAT and the New SAT & ACT (which are more similar).  The end of the test provides specific recommendations for which exam to take.  There are two components — verbal and math — and it can easily be done on a computer or smartphone.

Best of all, it’s completely free!


Click here to take the test,
hosted online by the Washington Post!


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