Asperger’s Syndrome

Special Needs Tutoring for Asperger’s Syndrome Students from Cleveland to Canton, Ohio

Asperger’s Syndrome is a diagnosis that falls within the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and is considered to be on the high functioning end of the spectrum. Children with Asperger’s do not have the same communication or cognitive delays seen in children with ASD.

People with Asperger’s Syndrome struggle with an ability to socialize. Some cases are initially misdiagnosed as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), which is more of an inability to focus their attention. Students with Asperger’s Syndrome may be able to focus. However, they lack the ability to see things from another person’s perspective or do not have a clear understanding of another’s actions, words or behaviors.

Common symptoms of Asperger’s Syndrome may include:

  • One-sided conversations
  • Unusual nonverbal communication
  • Obsession with one of two specific subjects
  • Repetitive speech
  • Trouble understanding gestures and facial expression
  • Speaks about self instead of others
  • Lack of eye contact
  • Process information more slowly
  • Struggle with reading comprehension (fiction and/or nonfiction)
  • Find math concepts more difficult
  • Making and maintaining friendships

North Coast Education Services understands that every student learns differently. This ideology is especially true for students with learning disabilities like Asperger’s Syndrome. We look for tutors that are sensitive, flexible, patient and creative.

NCES has more than 300 active tutors all over Northeast Ohio to cater to your child’s needs. We never pick a tutor at random. Instead, we match a tutor’s experience, personality, skill set and certifications to each student. When you sign up with NCES, you can be sure that your child will have one-on-one sessions. We can easily customize both tutoring curriculum and in-home education.

When working with students with Asperger’s Syndrome, we:

  • Use visual organizers for lessons
  • Keep a structured routine
  • Prepare students if there are any changes in the routine
  • Limit use of slang or idiomatic speech and instead use short and concise language
  • Have break times
  • Conduct multi-sensory sessions
  • Break skills into a step-by-step approach for better understanding

Our award-winning Richards Learning Systems ® program is especially effective with Asperger’s students.

We work one-on-one with our students and their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Our Autism Scholarship Program students fall into two categories:

  • Behavioral (lower functioning or younger children)
  • Academic (students ready to take on academic subjects like math, reading, writing and much more. Our directors meet with our Academic families to develop customized curriculum.

By working together with an NCES affiliate, we can help our clients qualify for high school diplomas. The program requires enrollment fees (very reasonable) and development of a customized education plan with NCES staff.

Students on the Autism Scholarship Program may need support beyond their high school courses. We can creatively work with a student to explore careers and assist with the transition from school to work.

  • Job Coaching
  • Transition to Work Support

Contact us today or call 400-914-0200 for more information on how we can help your student.

“Our family has been extremely pleased with our experience with North Coast. The tutors that our son has worked with have been a perfect match for his personality.”
— Pam, Painesville