Back to School Tips — #4

When students are young, homework can be a joyful experience.  I still recall bringing home “color by number” sheets in kindergarten and rushing to get them done!

But as students get older, homework can be seen as nothing but a chore.  It can be seen as a boring, time consuming process.  And if they cannot find the supplies they need, there’s a tendency to stall while looking for them.

Here’s a simple way to make homework more fun – create a homework station!

A homework station will not only keep everything organized for your student, but it designates a spot for learning.  The space should be functional, yet welcoming.

Jenn from Clean & Scentsible has created a guide on how to make your own homework station:




The best thing about creating a homework station is that the sky is the limit.  You can customize it however you’d like!  If you don’t have a room to dedicate to homework, no problem!  You can create a homework station anywhere and on any budget.


This portable station by The House of Smiths can be set up anywhere in the house.


Better Homes & Gardens transformed a bookshelf into a homework station that can be set anywhere in the house.


When it comes to creating a homework station, you want to keep a few things in mind:

  1. Make sure there’s enough room for every student in the house.
  1. Get the students involved! Let them personalize their space with pictures, inspirational quotes, and colors.  The station should not only provide a functional space for homework, but it should be a place that will inspire learning.
  1. Include all essential homework supplies – like paper, writing utensils, a stapler, ruler, and a calculator.
  1. Remember to include crafting supplies, too – markers, crayons, paint, colored pencils, etc.
  1. Remove all distractions. Make sure the station is in a quiet corner away from televisions and general chatter.  Designate the homework station as a “cell phone free zone” to avoid distractions.  If your students need to use a laptop, look into website that will restrict their internet access to prevent them from playing online games.
  1. Don’t forget a clock! Consider marking off the last 15 minutes of the hour as a designated break time.
  1. Label drawers and cabinets and keep the station organized. Remember, “a place for everything and everything’s in its place”.
  1. Make sure students clean up their homework station before they are allowed to leave.

For more tips on how to set up your own homework station, check out this list from Smead:


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