Book of the Month — March 2016 (National Women’s History Month)

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I thought it was only appropriate to share our March book on Read Across America Day.  I really enjoy writing this series.  There are so many wonderful novels out there and I love the opportunity to highlight them.  I am eagerly awaiting Summer 2016 so we can share our new Remarkable Reading Recommendations!  Last year, we featured six themed lists with books for emerging readers through young adult novels.  (Click here to look at our Summer 2015 list.)

Keep the spirit of reading alive in your household today by sharing our March book with your family.

March is National Women’s History Month

Click the picture to buy this book from Amazon.

Click the picture to buy this book from Amazon.

There are so many wonderful women to celebrate during Women’s History Month.  Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Marie Curie, Rosie the Riveter, and Amelia Earhart all come to mind almost instantly.  With a new election right around the corner, I decided to focus on another prominent women of history: Elizabeth Cady Stanton.

This month, I chose Elizabeth Leads the Way: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the Right to Vote by Tanya Lee Stone.  Geared for grades 1-4, this charming book tells the story of a young girl who believed women deserved the same rights as men.  Growing up, young Elizabeth heard how men had better lives than women.  When Elizabeth witnessed a woman lose the rights to her farm after her husband’s death, she decided enough was enough.  This inspiring novel will help young readers appreciate their right to vote.

After reading this story, spark some discussion by asking your children which presidential candidate they would vote for.  If your kids don’t know who Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are, let them come up with their own nominees.  (Wouldn’t Elsa or Iron Man make a great president?)  Make sure your children defend their selection.  You could even stage a mock debate in your living room!

I hope you’ll enjoy this treasured book.  And remember to register to vote for the coming election.  After all, it’s your right.

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