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For most people, learning has always been a visual process.  You look at the board, you read the textbook, you write the reports.  In early learning, it’s common to incorporate kinesthetic methods, such as different textures and manipulatives.  (Even high school students learn kinesthetically through labs.)  As students go on to college, there is a tendency for a lot of auditory learning in lecture halls.

Here at North Coast Education Services, we firmly believe that no two people think in exactly the same way.  The world is made of lots of different learners.

Just as there are different kinds of learners, there are different ways to make learning more understandable.  In order to find out what learning style is best for you, you need to discover how you learn best.

Ultralink created this handy infographic to help you discover what type of learner you are:




So, what kind of learner are you?


No matter whether you learn auditorily, visually, or kinesthetically, North Coast Education Services can personalize a curriculum for you.  Call us today for more information on our multi-sensory curriculum!


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