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How to Create an Effective IEP for Your Child

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is designed for students with special needs or learning disabilities. The entire IEP process equips parents and educators with a plan to best teach children according to specific goals they can achieve. IEP meetings are held with both parents and teachers. As a parent, you bring a unique perspective to the table. You know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and what goals mean the most to you and your son or daughter. Understanding how to present information is the first step to being an active IEP team member and creating the path toward your child’s success.

Download our useful guide, to:
  • Gain tips for keeping your IEP simple
  • Understand what teachers are evaluating
  • Answer questions to kick-start your child’s IEP, including:
    • Problem solving
    • Reading skills
    • Life skills
    • Sensory Integration
    • Gross and Fine Motor skills
    • Expressive and Receptive Language Skills
    • Math Skills
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