FFD — The 21st Annual Medina Ice Festival

When I think of winter, rarely are my first thoughts about school delays, brushing off my car, bone-chilling winds, and an icy parking lot.  Instead, I picture beautiful images, such as new-fallen snow, sleds, ice skating on a pond, snowmen, hot chocolate, and a warm fireplace.  While the idea of braving the chill may not sound like the perfect day out, Medina hosts a brilliant spectacle each winter that you truly have to see to appreciate.




The 21st Annual Medina Ice Festival


Since 1994, the citizens of Medina and beyond have gathered on Main Street to view stunning and beautiful sculptures of ice.  This February marks the 21st Annual Medina Ice Festival, sponsored by FirstMerit Bank, Main Street Medina, and Elegant Ice Creations.  Over the years, the event has grown as more local businesses sponsor their own ice sculptures.  There are three different carving competitions (speed, individual, and team carving) that span three days of the four-day event.  Guests can view the sculptures all weekend, including during the competitions.  The last day of the festival does not have events, but the sculptures will remain on display.  The festival also encourages lots of traffic to its local, area business.  Arguably, the highlight of the festival is the ceremonial lighting of the Fire & Ice Tower the first night.


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  • The 21st Annual Medina Ice Festival runs from February 13 – 16, 2015. Sculptures will be on display day and night, so feel free to visit any time.  Read the tips below for information about the competition and the Fire & Ice Tower lighting.


  • This event is free and open to the public. Local businesses will be open if you care to browse the shops and purchase items.  Parking is also free around the Historic District.


  • All of the festival events will take place in the Medina Square, which is located at 2 Public Square, Medina, OH 44256.


  • Call 440-717-1940 for more information. You can also visit mainstreetmedina.com for a complete list of events and times.


  • It is an ice festival, so dress warmly!
  • Events on Friday, February 13th: Speed Carving Competition (5:30, 6, 6:30pm – three rounds of competition) and the lighting of the Fire & Ice Tower (7pm).
  • Events on Saturday, February 14th: Individual Competition (1 – 4pm).
  • Events on Sunday, February 15th: Team Carving Competition (12 – 4pm).
  • Many sculptors put lights in their displays. If you come during the day for the competitions, make sure to visit again at night, too.

       Discussion Points

  • Ask your kids if they think it would be easy or hard to sculpt ice? Why do they think so?
  • Have them come up with a list of good things to use for ice sculpting and bad things to use for ice sculpting. (You could even make it a game and suggest things to them, like spoons and chainsaws, and have your kids choose if it’s good or bad.)  Why?
  • How do you think the lights work inside of the ice? What kind of lights do they think are being used?
  • As you pass sculptures, ask your kids on a scale of 1 to 5 if they think the sculpture was easy to create, average, or hard. (Obviously, anything with lots of details or tiny pieces probably took longer.)  Have them defend their answer.
  • What do you think you need to be an ice sculptor, besides ice and a carving tool? (Ex. patience, persistence, a steady hand, etc.)
  • If you have any “Frozen” fans in the family, you could have a lot of fun theming your questions – like “Do you think Elsa made this one or Kristoff? Why do you think that?”


Do you have a suggestion for an upcoming Family Fun Day event?  Let me know in the comments section.  It might be featured in a future post!

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