“Just the facts, ma’am.” — Common Tutoring Myths, Pt. 2


There are so many myths and misconceptions out there about tutoring.  If you are searching for a tutor, I feel it is important that you have a better understanding about tutoring and how it works.  Whether you decide to choose North Coast Education Services or another company, you should be well-informed.  You need to know just the facts!

We will be addressing common myths about tutoring and academic support throughout the coming weeks.  We hope you will find the information helpful and beneficial as you continue your search!

Have a question about tutoring?  (It may be a myth.)  Let us know in the comments and we’ll address it in an upcoming post!


Here are today’s three myths:

1. “My child doesn’t need a tutor unless she’s failing her class.”

It is important that your child passes each grade and every class.  But it is vital that your child understands what is being taught.  You cannot learn to multiply if you cannot add.  You cannot summarize a story if you cannot read it.  If you see your child struggling, it’s a sign that they need help.  Help can come in many forms — including parental support, extra time with the teacher, or possibly tutoring.

2. “If my child gets a tutor, he will immediately be labeled.”

Tutoring should not be looked down upon.  By asking for help, the student is showing initiative and a desire to learn.  Many students seek tutoring in order to get ahead or improve their skills.

3.  “Tutoring is too expensive.”

The upfront expenses for private tutoring may seem costly.  But in the long run, tutoring will save you time and money.  As skills improve, you will find that less tutoring is required and it will take your student less time to complete homework.

Another option is to talk to your child’s teacher about additional support after school.  Or ask your neighbors, co-workers, or others in your community.  You may be surprised what resources are available to you at little or no cost.


Stay tuned as we reveal the truth behind more common tutoring myths!

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