Math Concepts Using manipulatives

Helping Ohio Students Better Approach Math Problems

Math Concepts Using Manipulatives

Whether the student is three, five or a teenager, manipulatives will help a learner make sense of math concepts. Math manipulatives help a student find out how to approach math problems. Students might not have a concept mastered, but they may use alternative approaches that work just as well. For example, division is actually stream-lined subtraction, so if the student uses subtraction instead of division it’s “OK”. The goal here is to get the student to overcome the common mental block of “I can’t”.

Why Do So Many Students Struggle with Math?

Poor math skills are often directly related to “tuning out” due to being repeatedly being told, “You got it wrong.” Failure becomes accepted before attempting to do the math. Even if the student’s answer is wrong, the instructor strives to find some aspect of that student’s attempt worthy of praise.

Elements of Marilyn Burns Math Solutions supplement our own techniques to teach math concepts with manipulatives.

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