Computation Skills

Helping Ohio Students with Essential Computation Skills like Division and Fractions.

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division

Students need to know basic math facts, place value. These are invaluable in learning the four basic operations: add, subtract, multiply and divide.

Our program offers learners a variety of methods to learn these skills. We use manipulatives, flash cards, paper and pencil practice, and many other techniques.

At NCES, we still believe students need to learn math facts. We are particularly insistent that multiplication facts be learned! You cannot multiply on your fingers. What happens when you are without a calculator? And, even using a calculator, you need to know if your answer is correct.


Once a student efficiently computes basic math facts, fractions are much easier to manipulate. That being said, fractions are perhaps the most difficult basic math concept, and Real Life Ma+h teaches the following concepts with hands-on techniques, paper and pencil practice and real life situations. Concepts include: What is a fraction? Measurement, reducing and simplifying, factors, LCD, basic fraction computations, and more.

Decimals and Percentages

Place value is a critical concept in mastering decimals and how decimals relate to percentages. How do you figure a tip on a restaurant bill? How decimals relate to fractions? Math manipulatives and practice solving problems are critical to developing complete understanding of decimals and percentages.

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