Multi-Sensory Phonics Workshop

When students struggle with reading skills, it is often recommended that they learn to read by using a hands-on approach, like a multi-sensory method.  Each fall, North Coast Education Services proudly offers a multi-sensory phonics workshop for those who wish to learn Richards Learning Systems®, an award-winning approach to reading. 

What is Richards Learning Systems®?

Richards Learning Systems® is a multi-sensory, systematic approach to reading.  This award-winning literacy program features a proven step-by-step method to teach reading to students of all ages.

Two Learning Speeds Makes Reading Adaptable

The Phonics program is designed for younger, beginning readers.  Using the Phonics program, the students learn to read one concept at a time.  As they learn sounds and letters, students combine their knowledge to form simple words.  The Linguistics program covers the same material, but at a much faster pace.  The same Phonics techniques are applied to larger multi-syllabic words befitting to an older learner, like “fantastic”.

A Variety of Hands-On Techniques

Not every student is a visual learner.  The benefit of multi-sensory phonics is that students learn the material in multiple ways.  Richards Learning Systems® incorporates a variety of manipulatives – such as glued letters and sand trays – to reinforce the learning.  Students also learn gross motor techniques, such as sky writing, to physically play with the word.

Learn How to Teach Multi-Sensory Phonics with NCES

Every fall, North Coast Education Services offers workshop training to those interested in learning how to teach Richards Learning Systems®.

Teacher’s Guides, Materials and Manipulatives

Workshop participants will receive all of the materials they need to start teaching the Phonics program – including Teacher’s Guides and manipulatives.  During the workshop, participants will even make two of the five short vowel sock puppets.

Who can attend the workshop?

NCES workshops are perfect for teachers and tutors, parents, administrators, and anyone interested in learning a proven reading method.  Those who are attempting to renew their Ohio Department of Education teaching license may purchase one college credit per completed workshop.  (A total of three workshops are offered, so three total credits may be earned.)

2017 Workshop Registration Details

Interested in attending the 2017 Richards Learning Systems® Phonics Workshop?  Registration has begun!  Click here to learn more about our upcoming workshops.  Space is limited, so contact us today to get started.  Call (440) 914-0200 for more information.

Did you miss the 2017 workshops?  NCES offers their workshop trainings once a year in the fall.  Click here for more information about future workshops.

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