Adult Education

Tutoring for adults throughout Northern Ohio.

Continued Adult Education

North Coast Education Services provides tutoring for students of all ages – including adults.  Whether you are going back to school, trying to improve basic skills, or want to learn something new, there is a tutor just for you!

Enrichment Tutoring

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner forever.” – Chinese Proverb

As we continue to grow, we never stop learning.  Our desire for new knowledge is always expanding and its one of the things that brings great joy into our lives.  If you are looking to learn a new skill, North Coast Education Services can help!  Just think of all of the amazing things you could learn to do:

  • Speak a second language
  • Understand new computer programs
  • Improve your photography
  • Explore a new style of art
  • Learn American Sign Language (ASL)
  • …and more!

Improving Literacy and Basic Math Skills

In spite of huge advancements in technology, a large portion of the U.S. adult population is illiterate or functionally illiterate. Many companies employ workers that are functionally illiterate. However, often they cannot read most words and sentences. They are unable to read a newspaper, road map, or a simple story in a book. Many of these adults do not have checking accounts.

An important piece in the mission of NCES is to improve adult literacy.  The tutors we place can help adults and workers learn basic reading and math skills.  With improved literacy and math skills, workers could pursue job promotions, specialized certification, or even a degree.

North Coast Education Services has developed a tremendously effective basic skills program on-site for companies.  Our success has been recognized by the Plain Dealer and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  For more information on company training, click here to contact our executive director, Carole Richards.

School Support

If you are going back to school or taking a class, consider having a tutor help you!  Tutors can help you pass your class and earn your degree!  We offer tutoring for students who are trying to obtain their GED, their first degree, or even their master’s.  Whether you are trying to understand algebra, write an essay, or complete your thesis, our tutors are ready and waiting to help you!

“The tutor was very punctual. That means a lot – I have a tight schedule. From the moment I called to inquire of your services, everyone was so nice and helpful. I felt very comfortable explaining what I needed and those needs were met. Thank you so much!”
— Shelia, Kirtland

For more information on homeschooling, please contact:

Kimberly Page — Director of Home Instruction

CALL: (440) 914-0200 Email: