Our Staff

Specialized tutoring for Cuyahoga, Lake, Geauga, Summit and other Ohio counties.

Nina Becker

Ohio Scholarship Programs Coordinator

Following many years in the medical field, Nina has joined North Coast as an Administrative Assistant, and was quickly promoted to Scholarship Coordinator. It was evident that she had the natural ability to skillfully communicate with families and tutors while managing the heavy load of paperwork, follow-up required to maintain scholarship compliance. Nina has a middle school-aged daughter.

Amber Brandt

Administrative Assistant

Amber is the newest member of North Coast. She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, was a former pre-school teacher, and comes to North Coast from Cleveland’s PEP Program. Amber has experience with students of all ages and abilities. In a short time, she has become a welcome addition to North Coast. Amber has two young children.

Sweytha Ravishankar

Director of Ohio Scholarships Programs

Sweytha has a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements for the Ohio Autism and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarships. She walks each family through the steps of applying, progress reports, and graduation. She coordinates services for families and students needing academic supports, OT, SLP or ABA therapies, and gifted needs.  She is particularly sensitive to the highly specialized tutoring needs of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Sweytha has an elementary age son who attends Aurora Schools.

Linnea Smith

Director of Home Instruction and Private Placements

Linnea Smith is the President of North Coast Education. Linnea worked for North Coast and CEI early in her career, and worked behind the scenes on the NCES Board for a decade prior to returning to North Coast full time. Linnea returned full-time to North Coast following 16 years working in management and development in the Broadway Theatre Industry.Linnea does an exemplary job matching our tutor qualifications to each student’s unique needs for maximum academic success.  She coordinates services for families and students needing academic support, gifted needs, and advanced placement support.  She is particularly sensitive to the highly specialized tutoring needs of students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs).

Linnea Smith has a degree from The George Washington University in Theatre, Psychology, and English. She attended Hawken Upper School which had a formative impact on her academic pursuits. She has also studied and implemented conflict resolution strategies.

As Carole Richards’ daughter, Linnea was raised to understand that each student is unique. Life-long exposure to different learning styles has enabled Linnea to see the distinctive needs for each student. She finds fulfillment in helping families find the best solutions to their educational needs. She excels at creative thinking and problem-solving. 

Linnea has two elementary age daughters.

John Kusik

Senior Vice President
Director of Marketing and Special Projects

From his business experience, John has an excellent “feel” for assessing niche markets.  His marketing approach at North Coast Education Services has been both cost-effective and highly successful.

With a background in print and electronic media, John has a broad background in marketing.  He was a publisher of five healthcare publications and developed and syndicated several regularly scheduled radio programs.  John is the acclaimed co-author of several business books and is currently working on a book about the education system and how to fix it.  He is planning a book that simplifies business management and marketing in our more complicated business and technological environment.  A member of the Business Week Advisory Board, John also writes for regional and national business publications.

John is currently Board Chair of the Creative Education Institute, a former board member of the National Tutoring Association, and recent past President of Sales & Marketing Executives of Cleveland.  He is also a board member and Vice President of the Chagrin Valley Little Theatre, serves on the Executive Committee of the Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, and is an advisor to the Chagrin Falls Studio Orchestra.

Carole Richards

Executive Director, Founder

Carole Richards is not only the Executive Director, but is also the Founder of North Coast Education Services.  Click here to read her biography.