Tutor Testimonials

Matching Exceptional Tutors with Ohio Students.

North Coast Education Services tutors’ bring professionalism and devotion to helping their Ohio students. We have more than 300 tutors that include active teachers, retired teachers and area professionals.

NCES tutors are passionate about seeing their students become enthusiastic, confident learners. No matter the student’s age or which subject they are struggling with, the NCES team and educators are here to help.

Read what our tutors have to say about their experience:

“I love working with kids and seeing the pride on their faces when they understand the concept we are working on.”
– Vikki, Euclid

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“I like that I am challenged to switch roles with working with a young student (kindergarten), and switching gears to meet the needs of my high school clients and those in between.”
– Samantha, Seven Hills

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“Teaching is a love, compassion, and duty that I am compelled to do. I wanted to become a tutor to help students achieve their highest potential.”
– Ruth, Twinsburg

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“Teaching/mentoring is a passion that I have. I want to support our youth like I have been supported throughout my academic career.”
– Jeffrey, Westlake

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“North Coast Education Services is a top-notch company to work for. The professional workshops in reading, writing, and math are great advantages for tutors.”
– Ellen, University Heights

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“I believe one should share the gifts one is given and use them to teach others.”
– Ann Martha, Cleveland

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“I had North Coast tutors in my classroom when I was teaching. I was so impressed with their professionalism and expertise. I thought this was something I’d like to do when I retired.”  
– Linda, Moreland Hills

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“I really like traveling to meet up with different students, and bonding with each of them in different ways.”  
– Deanna, Concord

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“It’s a value for kids to have one-on-one tutoring. It gives them confidence, clarifies issues, and helps to bring out the best in their skills. So let’s keep tutoring!”
– Melanie, Cleveland

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“My favorite thing about working with NCES is the reward I get when I see a student explain to me something they were initially confused about.”
– Adel, Middleburg Heights


Here is what our educators have to say about the Richards Learning Systems ® Workshop:

“Thank you kindly for sharing your vast knowledge and experience in our training workshops. I am very excited and proud to be a tutor for [North Coast Education Services]. I have already put my new knowledge to use with ‘Michael’. Tutoring him today was so incredibly rewarding – for both Michael and me! I can see why you are so passionate about your work! Thank you for letting me be part of your ‘family’ and your vision.”
– Jane, Twinsburg

“So many use their gifts for their own glory. Thank you, Carole, for using your gifts to give help to those who might not otherwise have a chance in life!”
– Brandi, Cuyahoga Falls

“I am so inspired and motivated to be able to work with children. Learning additional comprehension and writing skills has given me more confidence to teach children with [special] needs.”
– Ann Martha, Cleveland

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