Tutoring For Credit

Supporting students with certified tutors in Ohio cities like Cleveland, Akron and Canton.

Get Credits For Tutoring

When students need to make up course credits or are unable to attend classes, Tutoring for Credit is an ideal solution.  Every Tutoring for Credit student at NCES has received credits from the participating school.

Typically, a one-semester course requires 20 hours of tutoring plus 40 hours of homework.

Courses are arranged with prior approval from the school’s guidance counselor.  Tutors come to your home, or we can arrange tutoring at a nearby public location.  Tutoring for Credit in a single course can be arranged for up to four students simultaneously.

Certified Tutors

The tutors we assign to Tutoring for Credit students are certified in the subject matter.  The tutor and the student work out a mutually agreeable schedule to complete the course as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Two-hour sessions are recommended.


North Coast Education Services has the expertise and the experience to help students make-up or complete courses away from the classroom.  Students in many public, private and parochial schools have used our services successfully.  We have completed many Tutoring for Credit assignments, which is why we are the choice of many school counselors, teachers, and principals.

With fewer schools offering summer classes, Tutoring for Credit is often a valuable option.

“My son has shown a marked improvement in Algebra II since he started working with Kurt. From a C to an A-! We are thrilled because he actually asks to work with Kurt weekly!”
— Stacey, Beachwood

For more information on tutoring for credit, please contact:

Kimberly Page — Director of Home Instruction

CALL: (440) 914-0200 Email: KimberlyP@northcoasted.com