Family Testimonials

Ohio Families Appreciate the Tutoring Options Available at NCES.

North Coast Education Services specializes in customizing the tutoring and in-home education experience for each student. When a family reaches out to our team, we work with them to select the educator who matches their child’s needs. Our hands-on matching process takes the stress off parents, and leads to more productive tutor-student connections.

Whether your student is struggling with one subject, multiple courses or has a learning disability, we have the tutors ready to help. We have vast experience in tutoring K-12, and college level students.

Read what our parents have to say about their child’s experience with NCES:

“When Davyon, a five-year-old kindergartner, began the Richards Learning Systems® (RLS) program, he could identify just 5 lower case sounds. …In just 3 weeks, Davyon completed concept #1, learning ten consonant sounds and short vowel ‘A’.”

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“North Coast Tutoring has made a very positive impact on my son’s educational experience. The tutors are extremely professional, caring and passionate about teaching. Also, the staff is so supportive and always keeps the family’s best interest in mind.”
— Christine, Cleveland

“I called North Coast in desperate need of a tutor that could help my daughter get through Honors Chemistry. Within 24 hours of my phone call, I was given a name of a tutor that Nikki at North Coast thought would be a good match for my child. She was certainly right! Her grades have already seen improvement and my daughter looks forward to Deanna coming every week. The customer service I received was phenomenal!!!”
— Leslie, Beachwood

“Our daughter started tutoring with North Coast over six years ago, needing help with high school algebra, geometry and college level algebra. What a difference it made in her life. As much as you think you can help your child, sometimes it’s necessary to have someone outside the family to help. Her tutors were very experienced and knowledgeable and always supportive. Last semester at college, she took a college level algebra class and received an A with a B+ on her final. What a memorable day for us and the sense of accomplishment for her was beyond words. She will need to take a statistics class for her major and we will be definitely contacting North Coast for help. For our family, it was a financial commitment, but worth the cost for what she accomplished. A team effort by our daughter and her dedicated tutors. I would encourage anyone whose child is struggling to use this service.”
— Karen, Willoughby Hills

“I have been using North Coast Education Services for a few years now. This is truly a 5 star company. The tutor, Linda, is a perfect for my daughter’s academic needs. Linda is always on time, prepared for the lessons needed and makes sure that my daughter is comfortable with the information before she leaves. The main office calls on a monthly basis to make sure that we are happy with the service and always asks if anymore can be done. I cannot write enough great things about this tutor and company!”
— Jane, Solon

“The tutor was very punctual. That means a lot – I have a tight schedule. From the moment I called to inquire of your services, everyone was so nice and helpful. I felt very comfortable explaining what I needed and those needs were met. Thank you so much!”
— Shelia, Kirtland

“David is the consummate education professional. He quickly established an excellent working relationship with my son. He now feels comfortable retaking the ACT!”
— Margaret, Shaker Heights

“Ellen is a blessing! We are so grateful to have her as a part of our son’s education.”
— Michael, Chagrin Falls

“My son has shown a marked improvement in Algebra II since he started working with Kurt. From a C to an A-! We are thrilled because he actually asks to work with Kurt weekly!”
— Stacey, Beachwood

“Pricing was upfront, whereas Huntington [Learning Center] wouldn’t even give us an estimate without a $200 test first. The one-on-one was much better than an SAT class and we could have a schedule that didn’t overwhelm my son. You met our needs on our schedule and the tutor was a great match.”
— Kattie, Mentor-on-the-Lake

“We have been using North Coast for the last 9 years for both my children. Would not go to any other tutoring place. Great tutors, friendly and efficient staff. Very professional and educated.”
— Neeti, Beachwood

“Charles has made a tremendous difference in my son’s calculus performance. He is a perfect fit for my son!”
— Rich, Hudson

“I believe that Deanna is filling the gap my daughter has had with chemistry.”
— Susan, Kirtland

“[North Coast Education Services] takes the time to understand your child’s educational needs and provide the right ‘fit’ in tutors.”
— Stephanie, Strongsville

“Michelle was creative with her teaching, applying math games and hands-on activities. Michelle reworked her schedule several times to meet our family’s needs over the 5 months we worked with her…North Coast Tutoring is lucky to have her!”
— Carole, North Royalton

“North Coast was cost-effective and flexible – our goals were achieved.”
— Vanessa, Cleveland

“Our daughter needed tutoring because of a lengthy illness. Al was just what she needed to get back up to where her class was. He was very flexible with scheduling and more than met her needs.”
— Lisa, Pepper Pike

“I have nothing but praise for Lili! She is amazing with [my son] and for the first time in two years [he] is passing ALL his classes!!  She gives me her input and thoughts on his needs and it really helps me with his IEP meetings and she is always responsive. SHE IS WONDERFUL!!  We are lucky to have her.”
— Jessica, Parma

“Adel is such a blessing to us…  He just rolls with whatever [my son] has for homework.  [He] comes downstairs to work with Adel now without a struggle.  They have a great working relationship.”
— Georgeanne, Strongsville

“Charlene is helping [my daughter] so much.  So glad she was appointed to us!”
— Barb, Auburn Township

The most thing about North Coast is: “very professional staff and [Charlene] was very encouraging. Nikki was easy to work with.”
— Donna, Aurora

What I appreciated the most about the tutoring experience is: “Becky’s willingness to help [my son] on his good AND bad days.”
The most positive about North Coast is: “Their availability to the customer.  I was always able to reach [them] to discuss something.”
— Elizabeth, Aurora

“Peter was always on time and very friendly.  He also made arrangements if he could not make a day.  It was a joy working with North Coast.”
— Candi, Columbia Station

“[Linda has] been helpful to [my daughter] with her writing projects.  We look forward to her continued assistance and guidance.”
— Corinne, Parma Heights

“Carol fits into our family so well!  Tess truly knew the match up with our [son] a year ago. For this, we are so very grateful to her.”
— Linda, Westlake

Read what our students have to say about their tutoring experience:

“You’ll be happy to know that I got my report card about a week ago, and it’s my best ever! Mom and Dad are proud of me. I’d really be happy if you wrote back, after reading this so I can get your opinion on my grades – and just because I want to hear how you’re doing. Thanks for everything – see you in a couple of months!”
— Bryn, Northeast Ohio

“[My tutor] would stop at nothing to make sure my education was done right, and then some. She is great at making things interesting for me. She could turn an ordinary math problem into something I could use. She makes it very easy for me to ask questions if I don’t understand. She makes education fun.

Second is Carole Richards. Although usually tucked behind the scenes, don’t let that fool you. She is working…to make sure me, and all of her other clients, have the best education possible. I may have said client, and that is the correct word, but she doesn’t see me as a dollar sign or a number. She sees me for me, and I’m really sure it’s the same for all of the other kids who are so lucky to have her.”
— Rob, Rock Creek

“Before coming to North Coast, I thoroughly investigated other tutoring facilities and found Carole Richards, of North Coast, to be competent and concerned. She introduced me to a method of reading and spelling based on phonetics… This program is simplistic in its structure and easy to learn, if an honest effort is made. Carole’s command of this tutoring method has made it easier for me to grasp the concepts being stressed.

Four months ago I was diagnosed as having a learning disability – developmental reading disorder. Today, with the skills I’ve learned, and those I am looking forward to mastering, I say this man has no disability. I look forward to a future of learning, as opposed to one of hiding my illiteracy.”
— Robert, Cleveland

Read what our families have to say about their scholarship experience:

“Everyone at North Coast is so friendly and helpful.  My daughter receives the Jon Peterson Scholarship, and North Coast guides us each step of the way and provides helpful information for us.  The tutors we have been assigned through North Coast have been great!  North Coast really takes the time to match what the student needs with what the tutor can provide, and if something doesn’t work out, North Coast is always willing to make adjustments.  I really believe my daughter is more successful in school because of the services we receive through North Coast.”
— Nancy, Chardon

“As a parent, I needed to find a solution for my high-functioning autistic child when the school was just not understanding how to help him at all.  My son didn’t fit into a one-size-fits-all curriculum.  North Coast Tutoring Services provided exactly what we needed and so much more.  NCTS was a life-saver for us!”
— Suzanne, Twinsburg

“We have really appreciated our experience with North Coast. From the ease of setting up services to the perfect match of tutors you found for my son, they have been a pleasure to work with.  I am so happy that we found them!”
— Kristin, Avon

“North Coast Tutoring has been a tremendous help to our family.  They are kind, helpful, and always willing to do what is best for our daughter. Thank you North Coast!”
— Brian and Jen, Northfield

“Our family has been extremely pleased with our experience with North Coast. The tutors that our son has worked with have been a perfect match for his personality.”
— Pam, Painesville

“I cannot say enough about how happy I am to have found North Coast Tutoring Services!  My son has been receiving services from them for about 4 years now and we have never had anything but positive experiences.  The staff at North Coast are always very helpful with anything I need and truly care about the children they serve.  I highly recommend them!”
— Jen, Wadsworth

“We are grateful to North Coast Tutoring for providing services that give our ten year old son a chance to be taught in the way that he learns and at his own pace. His tutor is patient and he enjoys seeing her every week.”
— Annmarie, North Ridgeville

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