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Are you looking for a subject that isn’t listed in our available tutoring subjects? Contact our Director of Student Services, Nikki, at NikkiC@northcoasted.com to find out if we can provide a tutor for your unique situation.

Coach Vs Tutor
Some students are uncomfortable with having a tutor. Yet when the tutor is called a coach it is more palatable. This is particularly true which a student struggles with organizational skills or multiple subjects.

Topics that fall into the coaching category are:

  • Organization
  • Study Skills
  • Multiple subject assistance
  • Homework Help

“I have nothing but praise for Lili! She is amazing with [my son] and for the first time in two years [he] is passing ALL his classes!!  She gives me her input and thoughts on his needs and it really helps me with his IEP meetings and she is always responsive. SHE IS WONDERFUL!!  We are lucky to have her.”
— Jessica, Parma

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