Our Tutors

Expert tutors service Cleveland and other cities from Lakewood to Warren, Ohio

Professional.  Qualified.  Prepared.

North Coast Education Services is known as “The Education Problem Solvers” because of the tutors we use.  They are all degreed professionals with a desire to share their knowledge with others.  We have active teachers, retired teachers, area professionals, and even several with Ph.D.’s.

Every North Coast Education Services tutor is personally interviewed and evaluated by our program directors.  Tutors are selected for sensitivity to student needs, subject knowledge, patience, flexibility, and teaching and communication skills.

In addition, many of our tutors are certified to teach Richards Learning Systems ® and Real Life Ma+h.

When selecting tutors for our clients, our program directors carefully consider the student’s needs, subject, personality, and geographic location.  Tutors remain with the students as long as they are needed.  When circumstances require a change, different tutors are available.

The NCES Tutor of the Year Award


L-R: John Kusik, Carole Richards, Dr. Ali Benmerzouga (2017 Tutor of the Year), Deb Fox, Nikki Claverie.

Every year, North Coast Education Services selects a Tutor of the Year based on achievement, innovation, consistency, and relations with students.  The award is present at the annual Tutor Appreciation Picnic, usually held at the end of the summer.  This tradition started in 1999 and has continued every year since.  The name of the recipient is added to a plaque in the NCES office lobby and the recipient is presented with an attractive wooden plaque.

Tutor of the Year Award Recipients

2017 – Ali B.
2016 – Judy S.
2015 – Ellen N.
2014 – Jeff P.
2013 – Dave H.
2012 – Susan C.
2011 – Jerry K.
2010 – Blair R.
2008 – Sharon M.
2007 – David J.
2006 – Donald S.
2005 – Lori G.
2004 – Yvonne K.
2003 – Fritz N.
2002 – Fran J.
2001 – Eileen T.
2000 – Sarah F.
1999 – Gretchen J.